Monday, September 24, 2007

Tonex Apologizes for The Naked Truth

(This is a reprint of an apology made by Tonex)

To our Presiding Bishop, Horace D. Smith To my own Bishop in California Henry Johnson and in the the Loving memory and honor of the Late Great Bishop R.W. Mc Murray, Bishop Charles L. Taylor and My Father District Elder A.C. Williams Sr. I would like to say Praise the Lord.

I am writing on this Myspace Page of my organization to say that due to the high volume of controversy around the world concerning my recent but distant decisions, I would like to submit my deepest regret for any shame that this may have caused my Bishops and or Body Members.

This was not meant to bring a reproach , but it was meant to bring closure to one of the darkest chapters of my life from whence I came out alive, thank God.

I would like to publically apologize for any action deed or word that may have caused breach, embarrassment, or shame to the legacy of our great organization P.A.W. and to any other Denominations that have done their best to support me even if they didn’t understand me.

I justify nothing, but I repent for anything that may have caused some to stumble. Indeed, I did tell the “Naked” truth but the bible also does state that “all things are lawful but not expedient.”

The world experienced my purging, my therapy session and the release of puss, vomit, anger, and rage that all humans have the propensity to demonstrate — I do not ask a pardon for the Sin, only for the anger and discouragement and resentment that came from years of misappropriated slander toward myself and my family.In other words, things just honestly came to a head and busted.

To every Youth Pastor, to every parent and young person that I hurt or let down , I am truly and deeply remorsed if I caused you pain or embarrassment, please forgive me and restore me. My issue was public, so therefore I needed to publically ask for forgiveness. From your understanding of your own private struggles I ask that you at least understand. I’m not asking any of you to agree, just forgive me….I’m truly sorry. However, I’m glad to report that since that song released in June of 2007 I have become a new creature. I have never been so relieved and freed from my past and the future looks very bright ahead.

I’m am currently under the care and counsel of Bishop Norman Wagoner, and locally I’m am covered by District Elder Dwayne Shepherd of Greater Apostolic Faith Temple Church which is my Home church where I came from.

All of these things I submit humbly and respectfully and pray restoration with meekness. If a public rebuke is necessary I’m willing to receive it, but please know in my heart that I know Who Jesus really is. I still teach and preach the apostles’ doctrine according to Acts 2:38 and I’m a TOTALLY on fire for Jesus. My mission is clear; unify the body for the edification of the Kingdom. To reach the masses through mainstream media with creativity and a real flow of the unadulterated anointing.

Am I perfect ? no . Will I still make mistakes, most likely. But I am completely and totally striving for excellence through Jesus Christ Our Savior. Anyone that needs to respond feel free to hit me up at

Thank you all for reading this lengthy but imperative open apology.
Anthony C. Williams II


manifold_more said...
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manifold_more said...
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manifold_more said...

Look, regardless of the position held, TONEX is still human. Able to succomb to the same vices that plague humanity on a daily basis.
The only difference is, as a minister we are held in HIGH REGARD
for our actions and our words.

This comment is not in DEFENSE, but to spark WARENESS throughout
the global community of FAITH. This
is why it is SO important to pray for the messengers of the cloth as well as your fellow man. The very things in which we preach about to the BODY, are the same ISSUES that we are faced with when trying to speak LIFE and/or giving advice to the people of GOD.
Take the words in his song "TUMBLIN" for instance:

* So you talk about your hopes and dreams, well sweet dreams are made of things, opposition, negativity, and unfortunate realities. CHECK ME, CHECK ME. But you gotta know your purpose, and you gotta know your destiny. Faith is not tangibility, never trust your visisbility, are you feelin’ me? You gotta believe provisions have already been made, so chill and have a glass of lemonade....Yo the devil is a lair. God’s word is true. Name it, claim it, it’s long overdue.


They ain’t saying nothing, then most likely you ain’t doing nothing, nothing. But the anointed gotta go through something. Like people smiling, but you know they frontin’. But the harder you work, the further away it seems. But if God gave you, a ministry, a gift, or a calling, don’t give up on your dreams.


Truly, the anointed MUST go through some things. What I tell my body, is that "the things WE go through may be ABOUT US, but FOR someone else."

JESUS never came to CONDEMN, so why have WE as a church become PROFESSIONAL SCREENERS for GOD? It's amazing that we have to REMIND the drunkman that he's an alchoholic, and the prostitute that it's wrong. In ANY event, as
True KINGDOM people, we need to uplift eachother and let US know that WE are GREATER than the things that keep us BOUND. Mainly....our flesh.

Look, time is too short to keep on delicately walking around GOD's people with the BABES IN CHRIST mentality. Some of us are 30+ years out of the womb, and act JUST like gorwn children. It's time to cut the ambillical cord and GROW the HELL UP. This is the best advice..........

It's REAL talk people, and some may hate this b/c it cuts like a knife. GOD's WORD is like a 2-edged sword and when it CUTS, some people get uneasy and will leave during the sermon. It's a spiritual chastizement that is MEANT to manifest SELF-JUDGEMENT which should bring forth REPENTANCE.

Tonex, knew better to put a song out like that (b/c he knows how PEOPLE CAN BE), but to be totally a WORLD full of HOLOGRAMS, someone has GOT to be REAL.

If you've EVER had the privelege to hear this YOUNG MAN PREACH, then you should be able to understand that this is a TRUE MAN of GOD. Point Blank.