Monday, December 3, 2007

Tonex Scandal Rebuttal -Mediatakeout

Tonex Scandal Rebuttal -Mediatakeout


Joe said...

Hey brother man things are crazy right now! I cant say i fully understand the situation you're in, but i can tell you that i cant judge you because thats gods job. My purpose for writing is to tell you that no matter what people may say about who you are, or talk and gossip God really has used you to break down the walls of the "gospel" genre. People are afraid of talking real life, playing it safe! But man i gotta say dont walk away from your calling the gifts God has blessed you with has left those with no hope or future blessed! Dont conform to the world but use your gifts to expand the kingdom. Not for anyone but god! peace and much love brother!

betty wambui said...

Dearest Psalmist,

My name is Betty Wambui from Nairobi, Kenya. I work with the Teens Ministry in my church. I am from finishing a sermon on Grace based on your song, Grace from the “Out the Box” movie. I am writing to you to remind you about God’s grace. You (and the peculiar people) sang it at your concert (Sept 2003) and told the church that it was available to them. I just want to remind you that grace is available to you too. God touched many lives through you that day; now it’s time for you to allow Him to minister His divine grace to you.

See, I am like you, always there for people, desperate to reach out to them when they are hurting, fearful and in pain. We tell them to come just as they are and they will be healed but when we need the healing, when we are hurting and afraid, we deal with it (sometimes allowing God) without involving people thinking that it is our problem, our battle, and that is selfish.
I had been doing this for a long time thinking that I wasn’t hurting anyone --until my friends told me that I make them feel useless because I never need them when I am going through tests and trials , and sometimes, they are desperate to hear that I need them.

Do you remember when you said, “For God I live, for God I die?” It is time for us to change Ton`ex; I need to involve my friends in my Christian walk, and you need to forgive the church for not being there for you when you needed them most especially after devoting your whole life and love to them. If we do not, we will be loving people out of duty, not choice.
I used to think that people can’t help me, only God can, but I discovered that most times, God uses people to help me when I need Him. You see, I admit that one of the reasons why I don’t allow people’s help is because I am scared, scared that if I open up my heart, it will be broken and I don’t think I have it in me to handle disappointments and heart breaks. I have been safe with this belief for 21 years but I must change now for my sake and the teens ‘am now responsible for. If I do not allow them to see and know that I struggle, go through pain and fears, I will just be like another authority they are used to and they will rebel. I will therefore have made their lives worse that they were before.

Tone`x, its time for you to go back to the music ministry. You have no idea what “Out the Box “ DVD has done for me and my friends. We have gone through disappointments, betrayal (most from the church), pain, uncertainty… with you through the DVD.

You are not alone psalmist. Sure, people, especially the church have hurt you. They haven’t stood with you when you needed them most but you cannot allow this to stand in the way of those few whom God has called to stand in the gap with and for you. You must trust again. You must love again, for the sake of generations, for the sake of the anointing, that you may come back and reach nations for God.
God is not dead Your destiny is not dead. It is time to come back. The world needs you. We need you. My friends and I believe in you. You will make it, and this time, you shall stand until Christ tells you, Well done.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anonymous said...

Tonex the past is the past now it is time for you to come out with something new. All that is old and forgotten but the annointing on your life still remains.

Anonymous said...

Tonex leave the past behind you God has forgotten it all and so have your fans. The youth needs you and so many adult. The anointing of God runs through your veins. So let your light shine for you are the salt of the earth.

God bless you